Written by Carole Frechette.

Created and directed by Richaud Valls.

Produced by Richaud Valls, Nastassja Many.


Motivated by a lack of love and a strong feeling of loneliness Beatrice sticks posters all around the city promising a substantial reward to the man who can interest, move and seduce her. John, a bounty hunter, presents himself to try his luck. There’s an explosion between two universes, a head-­on collision between two personalities, the atmosphere in Beatrice's apartment is uncontainable. Rules are drawn, challenges are set and the game begins! She hopes for a life of mutual love, while he longs for the reward. Who will have it their way?

International & Unique Concept

Simonet Productions is taking advantage of its International team to bring to you the New York Premier of John and Beatrice in both French and English. Richaud Valls selected John and Beatrice by Carole Frechette for his first production in NYC.

Carole Frechette is a popular French Canadien author, recipient of the Governor General’s award and the prestigious Siminovitch Prize for her works.

Richaud Valls doubled his challenge by directing two different versions of the play, one in English and one in French (John and Beatrice/Jean et Beatrice). His brilliant actors come from Belgium, France, New York, and Montreal.

"Solitude and Love are universal. And this is what this play is about: these to fundamental things, which we can all relate to. We’re offering back to back performances (of the play) so that the audience can enjoy the differences and similarities between both versions. English speaking viewers, who’ve just seen the play in English, will experience a whole new world in the French version. They might even believe for a second that they’re bilingual (laughs). And vice versa of course!” -­ Richaud Valls, Director.

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What they said about it

French Morning "Le Simonet de Richaud Valls"

Voir Montreal "Carole Frechette jouee a New York"


Performed at Theater for the New City
from June 6th to 12th, 2011


Support from the Cultural Services of the
Quebec Government Office in New York.