"To take pleasure in upsetting someone, without any level of aggressiveness..."

Created and directed by Richaud Valls

Written by Richaud Valls

Produced by Nastassja Many, Linda Tovar, Richaud Valls and David Apprederis

"Tease" is a plot-driven, episodic dark-comedy. The story takes place in Lower East Side, Manhattan. The characters in "Tease" are all artists in some way. They come from different countries and backgrounds. They are bartenders, babysitters, caterers, teachers, waitresses, drug dealers and pimps. They have distinct points of view. They clash. Struggle. Believe. Fight. Live. The one thing they can all come together on is their love of New York. They need New York. They are New York. They are TEASE!


Staring Asia Bowlin, Gage Cass, Arturo Castro, Michael P. Cistaro, Cyriaque Dossavi, Pascal Escriout, Kazuya Ishijima, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Helene Kuhn, Nastassja Many, Francois Morisson de la Bassetiere, Ed Morron, Tom Pitulik, Quentin Pradelle, Evangeline Reilly, Jason Rosen, Christian Sbailo, Linda Elena Tovar and Sophia Urista.

TEASE - A Lower East Side Story





Tease - Part 1



Tease - Part 2