People's Champs, Cole Williams

Directed by Richaud Valls - July 2011


Music for all People; All People are Musicians

People’s Champs play music for the mind, body and soul. Enamored and obsessed with roots dance music from all over the world, they mix jazz, hip-hop, rock and soul from the USA, Latin America and Africa to create new hybrids. The result is a passionate sound that will move you. Literally.


People's Champs, Alex Asher

Directed by Richaud Valls - July 2011


Alex Asher - Trombone, Vocals
Cole Williams - Vocals
Josiah Woodson - Trumpet, Guitar, Flute
Cole Kamen-Green - Trumpet, Electronics
David Bailis - Guitar
Mitchell Yoshida - Organ, Synths, Accordion, Melodica
Jordan Scannella - Bass
Ben Davis - Bass, Guitar
Jeremy Gustin - Drums
Grant Braddock - Percussion